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Events as Global Events and Shops with a "Resell Value".

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Global Events

I've implemented the needed and necessary "Global Event" feature. What's those Global Events anyway?

Global Events are Events which will run right after starting a new game.
If you want to create a day/night system or a weather system, you have to set your responsible event as a 'Global Event'.

In combination with different 'If Conditions' it is possible to activate an event if something certain happens. A condition could be something like
'If Hero reaches Level X' or 'YVar a = value x'.

Really a RPG with a lack of global events isn't really a RPG.

Expanded Shop System

It would be boring to resell all purchased Items for the original purchase prices - so there wouldn't be any challenge for the player.

So every Shop gets its very own 'Resell Value' for Items or Equipment.
If we buy Masamune for 30000 - a constant 'Resell Value' of 25 % would mean a resell value of 7500.

This resell value could be a constant value or a YVAR.
The advantage of YVARS - they are variable. So if you want to connect your Time-System (Global Event) with a Shop - that wouldn't be a problem.

And don't forget - the border of YRPG will be created by the limits of your imagination.


A day/night cycle and weather system? You have no idea how happy I am right now. Both of those are like my favorites things in video games. I didn't think my hype could rise any higher!

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