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Description of C&C Generals: Global Domination Game Plan.

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Now it takes place in times that are the beginning of
the new futuristic area. Technology is advancing, the dark side
overpowers the light, evil becomes more prominent. This game is about a
time when anything is possible and the ancient myths and legends of
good and evil are put to the test. Imagine any villain in one of your
favorite movies. How they have the huge empires, guards weapons and
armies required to plot their evil plans. Our game will put you in the
shoes of the bad guys, to try your evil plans on the world. Using a
whole range of tactics including: Mind Control, Interrogation, Cloning,
Cybernetics, Genetics, Torture, Robotics, Explosives, Chemical Warfare,
Propaganda, Blackmail, Laser Satellite Technology and more..

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