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Here an article about the changes in mod. Please take a look.

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Global Change
- New interface.
- 3 new playable factions. Forgotten, CABAL and Scrin.
- All Harvester Now Instant dump out all tiberium at refinery.
- All air craft reload rate reduce time to 3 seconds per ammo.
- AI now attack more faster and more often.
- Multiplayer Ion Storm lightning damage reduce to 200.
- Multiple factory now is work correctly, more factory is build time decrease now.
- No technician as crew.
- Remove Unitcount on start.(To make 5 factions work correctly)
- Remove No-Base Mode.(To make 5 factions work correctly)
- Remove Short game.(To make 5 factions work correctly)
- Jumpjet now work better.
- Crate Minimum now is 5.
- Max Money now increase to 20000.
- Skirmish AI now very deadly.
- In multiplayer, AI won't allies together when one of them is defeated.
- Havester decrease health to 600, can't self healing, decrease cost to 1200.
- Tiberian Creature now get it own explosion.
- New fire muzzle for some attack.
- All railgun now lower ambient damage but now can attack through cliff or upper slope.
- Decrease cloak and uncloak speed to all stealthable unit
- All unit get better weapon when elite.
- Limpet Drone now get explosive weapon, cost increase to 400, and change to CABAL side.
- EMP Cannon not need to charge any more, cost increase to 1500.
- More addition of tiberian natural and creature.

GDI Change
- Remove Seeker Controller.(CABAL is only side that can use Hunter Seeker)
- Remove Ghost Stalker.(Change side to Forgotten)
- Fire Storm defence draining time triple, but deal damage to active firestorm wall will decrease draining time.
- Titan has new barrel.
- Mammoth Mk.II railgun shot faster, AA missile now more powerful ,require Upgrade Center to build.
- Wolverine health increase to 200.
- Disruptor cost increase to 1800, speed decrease to 4.
- Disc Thrower cost increase to 250.
- Orca Fighter change attack pattern.
- Orca Bomber cost increase to 2000, speed decrase to 10.
- Orca Carryall speed decrease to 14.
- Tiberium Silo need only power plant type building to build.
- Upgrade Center power usage is 100, build limit is 1.
- Ion Cannon Uplink power usage is 100.
- Droppod Node power usage is 50.
- Component Tower health incrase to 600, also shutdown when low power.
- Remove SAM Upgrade.(Change to AA Gun).
- RPG Upgrade now deal less damage against infantry.
- Change image of railgun particle.

Nod Change
- Artillery more powerful to match GDI Juggernaut(But not Overpower like in valnila TS.)
- Weed eater can't self healing any more.
- Attack bike now can attack air, cost decrease too 500.
- Tick tank get better armor when deploy.
- Stealth tank speed increase to 10.
- Nod now can build Mobile EMP.
- Remove Cyborg.(Change side to CABAL)
- Remove Cyborg Reaper.(Change side to CABAL)
- Remove Cyborg Commando.(Change side to CABAL)
- Rocket Infantry cost decrease to 200.
- Mutant Hijacker change name to Vehicle Hijacker and can't heal in tiberium, cost decrase to 1600.
- Banshee speed increase to 25, cost increase to 1500.
- Stealth Generator power usage is 50.
- Laser turret health increase to 600, also shutdown when low power.
- Nod SAM Site change turret, also shutdown when low power.
- Obelisk of light armor change to Heavy.
- Remove Missile Silo.(Change side to Forgotten)
- Temple of Nod now launch all missile super weapon, remove Hunter Seeker, power usage 200, build limit is 1.
- Tiberium Waste Facility power usage is 50.

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