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Some work in progress screenshots of the new Glitchrunners level, set in a dangerous jungle.

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New Level - Jungle!

Glitchrunners Jungle SS 05

The new Glitchrunners jungle level is almost ready! Its a change of pace from the urban chaos of City and Construction Site, with tons of foliage, waterfalls and more organic overgrowths for the Glitchrunners to traverse as they battle the Architect.

Glitchrunners Jungle SS 06

There are plenty of dangers hidden in the jungle that the Architect player can turn against their friends - toxic plants, raging rapids and even man eating plants populate the undergrowth making this level no stroll in the park.

Glitchrunners Jungle SS 02

Climb the wreckage of previous failed expeditions and take the fight into the treetops in your battle for the Powercube and all the Glitch Energy you can carry!

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