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Found some annoying glitches and bugs while working on the mod.

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So I found a couple of annoying glitches and bugs while working on the mod. Firstly, some of the German Soldiers have a strange glitch where they aren't armed with anything and when shot sort of sit there as well as one that kept glitching back and forth.

The most annoying one is where the M1917 Enfield I ported over from SCW shows its proper world model but still has the Default Weapon model when picked up. Any clues as to why this is happening?



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About the first glitch:

Check if the AI has a proper .accu file for the weapon that soldier is supposed to have, and check to see if in the AItype the weapon's name is spelled correctly. Make sure no mistakes are there.

Second Glitch:

Usually this happens if you don't have the full viewmodels (surfs, xmodel, and parts) in the components relating to the weapon. Make sure you have everything relating to that weapon in your mod and make sure you edit the weapon file so that it's using the correct viewmodel.

I hope that works!
PM if you have further questions.

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Deathblade100 Author

Thx for the advice.

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