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After months of hard work, I have submitted Glitchbuster on Steam Greenlight. Who you gonna call? Glitchbusters!

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Glitchbuster is a game in which your job is... to fix a game!

Release is coming soon, but plenty of glitches have been reported. Your job is to find the issues in the files.

Each level is randomly generated and features a different set of glitches. Each glitch affects the gameplay differently: enemies will spawn around randomly, the floor will be slippery, enemies will have weapons... over 40 glitches that need to be fixed!

To help you fight the glitches, you can unlock and then equip special powers: rocket launcher, flamethrower, teleporter, shotgun, grenade launcher, gravity inverter... as well as perks such as reduced damage, double jump, additional time or health...

The game is not intended to be educational in any way. This should only be a fun action/adventure platformer.

You can check out the game on Steam Greenlight, or watch the trailer here:

And here are some screenshots:

Game lobby





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