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Given the time limit in which we have to finish this project, it became clear we couldn't accomplish the size of game we originally wanted. So Glitch has been changed and amended to work.

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Well after giving the game a re-hash in design, the actual game was looking good in our eyes. However, with limited programming know how and no professional programmer, the amount of programming needed has forced us to give the game a dramatic re-design to ensure that we actually finish this project successfully.

So after a lot of planning and re-design Glitch has almost become a new game. Obviously its the same premise and storyline, but the levels and design behind it all have had to be culled down, and changed to fit what we believe is achievable within the next 4 weeks.

A couple of new images have been added to show some new parts to the game, and a lot of Kismet functions in UDK have been done and tested and then re-done and then tested and then fixed to get this all working properly. There are a few kinks, but I've worked out the majority and its feeling pretty good after all the constant testing and fixing.

The games cheats that effect the game also had to be culled, which is unfortunate because we wanted to have a lot of cheats within the game to create some interesting events and puzzles to solve within each world. However, do not fear, we got into gear and added the ones we wanted into the game and they are working rather well.

The main character has been re-made, yet in the current screen shots hes not been included, so expect him and the enemies within the game to make an appearance by next week. Again things such as AI have taken a big toll on this project and are a big reason why the game design had to be re-thought within the remits and time we have been allotted.


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