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Yeah, again.. we're still alive... just a bit too busy with the actual mod than ModDB.

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I honestly can't reveal too much of what we've been working on at this point, for many reasons. But I will say that you'll all be fairly pleased with our work so far. And soon-ish, you'll be able to see our progress... a bit better.
Marlwolf (our animator) is coming to a good point on our sword and it's animations, and we'll soon be implementing it into the game itself. Very exciting.
Also, we've been tinkering around with breakable buildings/walls that we may add to the game here and there, only problem is that the current build of them is... hefty, to say the least. So that idea is still up in the air, but definitely wanted.
Our maps are coming along very nicely, you've only seen 2 maps being made, but we've got a few going on at once- not by the same person, of course.
Our main menu is done for Alpha, and we're getting the chapters all laid out in there.
As I said, I can't reveal our big thing we're talking about, but just expect some awesome things in the near future.
Thank all of you for your patience, we hope the wait is worth it for you.

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