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This update adds Champion armor, Jobs and Dirt mechanics.

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This update version 0.67 adds Champion armor, Jobs and Dirt mechanics.


Here are the patch notes:

  • Champion armor has been added
  • Bathhouse has been added
  • Cooking station added( Cook food from raw meat )
  • Janitor, Chef and Carpenter has been added as jobs
  • Vomit, blood and dirt has been added to the school floors
  • Gladiators will gain experience when performing assigned jobs
  • Experience points will be reseted when assigning new job
  • Raw meat has been added at market
  • Gladiator Barracks have been redesigned
  • Skip button has been added to story intro
  • Opponents combo attack in arena has been buffed
  • Schedule upgrade has been disabled until its properly fixed
  • Crew quarters has been removed
  • Weather effects has been added
  • Workbench bugs has been fixed
  • Tooltips added for workbench and cooking grill
  • New soundeffects added
  • Numerous minor bug/grammar/graphics fixes
  • Savefiles from previous version are compatible


Special sets of armor finally released for Champion in this update


Change job profession for gladiators


Bathhouse has been added


When gladiators are assigned to a specific job they gain experience in that profession


Raw meat has been added as trade goods to be used at cooking station and cook food

Thank you for reading!

Check our roadmap on the steamforums for upcoming content,we have some fun stuff in the works!

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