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We’re excited to announce the release date for Gladiator School. Full version of the game will be available worldwide on November 9th, 2017 for PC via Steam.

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We’re excited to announce the release date for Gladiator School. Full version of the game will be available worldwide on November 9th, 2017 for PC via Steam.

Gladiator School is a deep management simulation tycoon game with hand drawn, humorous characters and environments. We put our heart and soul into this project and we are really proud to present Gladiator School to the world.

Here is the new trailer to go with our launch announcement:

To celebrate this launch we are preparing a HUGE giveaway here on IndieDB

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You've inherited a plot of land and decided to build your own gladiator school. Now you must recruit fighters and command them to train hard. Every decision will matter. What weapons should they use? What skills should they learn? It is your job to prepare them as best as you can before you send them away to fight for their survival and entertain the crowd in the arena. Keep a close eye on your gladiators, make sure they are well fed, loyal and that they get some recreational time outside the gym or they might become very angry and rise up against their master. Your goal is clear, make your gladiators famous in the arena to earn as much coin as possible. Make the crowd go wild...

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  • Build and manage your own school for gladiators
  • Acquire slaves and prepare them for spectacles in the arena
  • Manage your gladiators mood, needs, practice schedule and treat their wounds
  • Choose between a variety of weapons, skills and special attacks
  • Create your own weapon style and choose your way of training
  • Reward and promote your gladiators for their loyalty to their dominus
  • Hire staff and specialists to improve your school
  • Send your gladiators to perform contract work in the mines or at the docks
  • Deliver inspiring speeches or throw a party for your gladiators
  • Compete with other gladiator schools and climb the ranks in the league
  • Feed cake to your gladiators!! There is cake in the game!?
  • Including meaningful permadeath option for harder difficulty

screen8 v1

screen5 v1

Recent Early Access Patch Notes:

Here is some of the recent patch notes from Oktober on Steam v0.81-v0.94:

  • Tutorial has been updated!
  • TONS of new weapon textures and enemys in th arena added!
  • Huge improvements to mechanics and animations in combat!
  • Weapons now gets upgraded based on weapon level!
  • Experience gain after wins in arena is back!
  • 3 new research options, display your gladiator at market
  • Winning any league now grants one extra bonus actionpoint
  • Speech, Boost, Sparring and Party is now much faster
  • Sending gladiator on contract now goes 10 times faster
  • All waiting times and delays in the game are faster
  • Tooltips added in "Gear" for Helmets and Armor
  • New textures for floors and "training area" in school
  • Weapon quality for enemys now are progression based
  • New location has been added "Recruit camp"
  • New NPC called "Recruiter Falco" has been added
  • 2 new events added - recruit ceremony and recruit transport
  • Potential star rating 1-5 affect base stats for recruits
  • Recruit rating 4 or 5 = rare(epic) recruit candidate
  • Scout perk and Agent now affects recruit potential
  • Research has finally been added to Actionmenu!
  • Choose to be Dominus or Domina in character creation
  • 15 new character models added in character creation
  • New gladiator behaviours added in the school
  • Market recruitment prices has been rebalanced
  • Merchant and Doctore will now appear correctly
  • New intro has been added when starting the game
  • All guards now have different head textures
  • Gladiators can now become enraged!
  • Rat infestations now has a chance to spawn from dirt piles
  • Added visual feedback for "Cleanliness" status in Overview
  • Staff will now be visible and show up in the school area
  • Duel zone build cost has been reduced to 100 coins
  • Opponent promoters now has a chance to appear at market
  • Gladiators now gets a mood boost for winning fights in arena
  • Gladiators now gets a mood decrease for losing in the arena
  • Cake has been buffed, it now improves mood and hunger
  • School Overview tab now shows current progress more clearly
  • Overall equipment quality now affects training
  • Overall fame now affects visitors and all school events
  • Comfort & food quality now affects mood and loyalty
  • Adrenaline has been buffed to give 20% of total stamina
  • Defensive stance has been rebalanced
  • Gladiators now prioritise attack when enemy is out of stamina
  • Stun and bleed effects will now reset before fights
  • Total spectators and ticket income now shows prefight
  • League info for all opponent fighters has been added
  • Overall league information and season rules added
  • Interface refinements for Left and Top UI in school
  • Mood gain has been reworked and rebalanced
  • Starvation, injury and exhaustion now drains mood faster
  • Janitor work now drains mood but gives more stamina xp
  • Improved AI and behaviours for gladiators in the school
  • Notifier will now show up when next league fight is ready
  • Transferbutton should be working again as intended
  • Actionmenu is now only visible during daytime
  • Several bugs with physics has been fixed
  • New textures added for staff, normal beds & royal beds
  • Added several new alerts
  • Rival names are now much more interesting and varied

screen2 v1screen6 v1

Content plans for future updates:

Leaving Early Access is not the end! It's only the BEGINNING for Gladiator School, we have a whole host of ideas for new features and content. The future is looking very bright! Let us know in the forum on Steam if you have suggestions regarding future updates.

  • Workshop mod support
  • More locations - "Town" with weekly Village NPC events(fishing contest)
  • Temple - Make offerings of blood or gold in order to get the gods blessings
  • More buildings, research options and staff in the school grounds
  • Customize your gladiators barrack rooms and training equipment
  • Build statues in school entrance to honor your champion
  • Support buildings upgrades - 3 additional stages
  • Enchant weapon and armor with bonus stats
  • More NPC quests with special assignments and fights
  • Improved combat with more skills and abilitys
  • Black market betting (30 % discovery penalty)
  • Invest in arenas across the empire and track earnings
  • Improved and reworked beastpen

After this PC release we also have plans to add:

  • Mac and Linux compatibility
  • Steam Achievements and Trading Cards
  • Translations for German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Japanese and Simplified Chinese

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