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A glimpse into the game's dungeon system, shopkeepers, and bosses!

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It's been more of the same stuff at Severed, adding the menus that we've yet to implement as well as more AI work. Lots of fun, nonetheless!

The dungeon menu! It pops up whenever a party leader or a solo player is about to enter a dungeon area.

All dungeons in the game are replayable and will scale to the party level, with some manual modifications depending on where that dungeon is in the story. The toggle option you see is is players being able to select the difficulty setting, from normal, hard, and extreme. For the last option we've made it absurdly difficult even for a good party, and we intend to throw in an extra item on the loot sheet that the boss can drop to make it tempting.

The shop menu! It has a dialogue option because we want to make every shopkeeper give out quests, and we're playing with the idea of quest completion adding new items to their store. A handful of new items might become available on the tailor for instance if you take on his quest to slay the golden lion and bring back its coat. It also might link into the dungeon settings I explained above, because I'm thinking that it could be fun if we made these kinds of quests have a minimum difficulty level for dungeons, so you'd have to go in at hard or above for the lion to drop the resources you need to return to the shopkeeper. What do you guys think?

And finally... (these .gifs are really big, I'm so sorry)... a couple of bosses! Check out the dragon and slime. We've been tinkering with the AI a bunch to find good settings for the two of them, so any criticism there is welcome. They're probably going to be changed moreso in the future.

A basic rundown of their mechanics...

King Slime-

Spin attack: the slime selects a randomized target from the party. It then zooms in at them, spinning and dealing AoE damage to anything it knocks into. During the spin, it's invulnerable to all damage. After the spin, it's stunned for 6 seconds.

Slime summon: Tiny slimes are launched out of the top of it. During this, they're invulnerable and will damage anyone that bumps into them.
Spikes: The slime will randomly launch spikes out of its jelly, dealing damage to anyone close by.
Jump!: The most common attack that acts as pseudo-movement. Jumps towards players and deals damage to anyone underneath it.
Death(?): Instead of dying, it splits into two big slimes! These are just as pesky and mini-bosses in their own right.

Green Dragon -Slam: The dragon flies over to a randomized member of the party and delivers a hard smash using its butt. It's an instant guard break to any caught in the AoE! Afterwards, our lazy scaley will stay sat down for a good 5 seconds or so, leaving him nice and vulnerable.
Fireball Barrage: The dragon moves from the left to the right slowly, while firing out fireballs that put down an lingering 6 second AoE on the ground.
Fireball: Shoots a random fireball out! Mostly for show.
Roar: After roaring, the screen shakes and shadows will appear all around. Projectiles then fall from the cave's ceiling, hitting randomized areas to deal 3x3 AoEs.

As always, any questions, ask away!

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