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A new update regarding progress on the GUI system, as well as some descriptions of the new technology we are putting in.

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Welcome to another update of 1964. Today, we will talk more in depth about some of the new technologies in game, as well as a sneak preview of the Secret Weapons Tech Tree.

While still undergoing revisions, the Secret Weapons tech tree will include a various amount of techs, much more then Vanilla had. Some of the coolest are the late-game techs. Since it is quite apparent that there will be heavy international competition, we at Team '64 believe that military and status advancements will be quicker then on our real-life timeline. Though we like to stick to realism, some cool techs are hard to pass up.

With such in mind, we have Exo-Suits, which will be a new class of infantry available late in the game. These guys will be pretty powerful, and will greatly reduce the impact of environmental penalties. They will be hard-hitting infantry, but will be expensive. These guys will have to be built as new units, and old infantry will not be able to upgrade to them.

On the same page, we have the Space Race tech. These technologies will provide research bonuses (advancements that we feel would accompany progress in this area could be applied to other fields), off-map victory points, and a variety of other bonuses. Of course, these techs will have flavor events with them that may push dissent on the major nations that do not have a space-program, as the ones that do not are 'behind' in the space race. The crowning achievement for a nation that pushes the Space-Race would be the Jovian Expedition, which would be heavily rewarding, but would be completely useless if you are losing a war. This way we can provide countries with goals to achieve during Peace Time and at War.

Now, here is a look at out Secret Weapons
Secret Weapons Tech Tree

And our close-to-final land doctrines. We have a new background GUI for it as well (not shown, this is just the layout)
Land Doctrine Tech Tree

And, as some eye candy, our new end-game GUI
End-Game Menu Alpha

**Full versions of all of these can be located in our Images tab.

On another note, we are looking for people with Photoshop and the ability to copy, pate, and browse the internet. The Leader Picture database required 1000s of photos, and the Gfx department is currently short staffed for this part of the project (something like 4 people). If you are interested, come here:

That is all for now, and I hope you stay tuned for our next update!

Team '64

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