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Ok, so I have started scaling the ships, space stations, asteroid bases, and defense satellite pads to approximately canon size. However I have run into a bug and need to know if anyone can help.

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My problem is this: scaling down the ships has not scaled down the engine glow particles, and I have no idea how to change or scale down these particles. On the bigger ships it is not so bad, but on the fighters it looks particularly bad. Anyone who knows how to fix this please let me know. That is really all I have for now, I should have pics up of the Consortium ships soon, but progress is going to get really slow for the next few weeks, as finals are starting (crunch time! lol). By the way, anyone who can post links to websites with the details on the armament for at least some of the ships from FoC (don"t worry about Consortium) it would be appreciated.


The Particle Editor is needed to change Engine Glow sizes, I forget what website it's on, try Googling " Particle Editor". has a lot of statistics on the ships, including Armament, Shield strength, Armor, even Speed. this source is an official one but has less info.

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