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Now that i work activly on the Mod it is time to post some getting Started News. It will contain informations about a Beta and the Beta Features.

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Now that i work as activly as i can on the mod, you will get some Information about futre plans.

Shark VOTL First Pictures
First Pictures Defense General Space Center

First the Beta:
There will be a playable Beta soon. But don't ask when. Its Done when its done.
The first Beta will Contain the Mech General as first Playable General.
With the Next beta there will be another General Playable and so on.

Now the Second Topic:
I work allone at the mod currently. In case of some one want to help me, please send me a Private Message or look in the Jobs Topic i postet 3 Jobs to apply for. So i am a Crappy Texturer and INI Coder that's why help is welcome. Even beginners ;)

So now some Information about the first Playable General:
Name: General Ironhand
Rank: Unkown (Secret)
Specialisation: Meh Units and Modular Based Forces
Main Unit: "Thor" Walker; A Walker that can be equipped with every Gun or Rocket Luncher you can find because of its Magnetic Electricity System. That means after you Builded this unit you can purchase this Weapons: Light Missle Battery, Heavy Missle Battery, AT Guns, Vulcan Anti Infantry Guns, Laser Point Defense and a Microwave Laser. Keep in Mind that you can purchase only one Weapon at a Time and some of them are Tier Based so you have to Advance in the Tech Tree to get this Weapons.
Super Unit: "Loki" Heavy Walker. This Walker unite the strongest weapons in one Unit. It has 2 Vulcan Guns, 2 Missle Batteries, 2 AT Guns and a Laser Point Defense.
Super Weapon: SkyNet Defense System. You can activate SkyNet every 7 Minutes. After Activation it will coordinate a huge Attack of Mechs and other Units against your enemy.

Hope you enjoyed the News and have a nice Day

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