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A quick guide to installing Spring, Games, Maps and to get a game going!

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Getting Spring games to run is a tiny bit more complicated than just downloading and playing which seems to hold back a few players. But its really just a tiny bit! In just a few steps you can have everything up and working!

Step 1:

Go to and download the spring build for your operating system. Install in a place that is easy to find. With that install comes a springlobby which serves for finding matches and chatting (good place to get help).

Step 2:

Download one or more game files, for example . Take the game file and move it to the /games subfolder in your spring install.

Step 3(optional):

Download one or more maps, for example . This is not necessary because the lobby program can download maps you don't have when joining matches, but you should get the recommended ones yourself to avoid having people in your game wait for you to download it.

Step 4:

Launch the springlobby and configure the settings. You can also join channels specific to the game(s) you want to play (example #void). Under the Battlelist tab you can join games!The best way to learn a new game is to play it against humans or watch them play via the spectator function.

Step 5(otional):

Get an AI to play against when there are no humans available, the internet is down or you want to try some crazy new strategy. Different games have different AIs that work with them, for Void this is only Shard, none of the AIs that come with Spring can play Void.To get Shard go here: and grab the current build. This is the Shard-AI framework and belongs in your /AI/Skirmish subfolder. Finally grab this: and paste it in there, overwriting if necessary. This should teach your Shard.AI how to play Void.A word of warning though, the shard AI is neither nice to beginners(if you don't play fast enough it might well curb stomp you) nor really challenging to advanced players(as of now it doesn't use a lot of the features that shape Voids gameplay) and is mostly for testing purposes. An updated version might come later when i have the time to finish it.

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