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No more development... sorry folks. At least for the moment

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It's a bit sad, but yeah. I will stop the development of this mod. Why?

Firstly, I am not the king of puzzles, and since the puzzles I want to have on my mod are quite unique (well no reason I won't explain: The chamber is supposed to be solvable with 2 solutions, like, 2 portals open, and depending on the colour of the portal you got before you're going to solve it in a different way), I can't really make these puzzles, and the ones I make get really bad.

Second, I can't play portal 2 anymore. I always played at 600x400, lagged and all, but now I'm done. After yesterday's event that my COMPUTER INPUT got slow while playing portal 2, I can't stand for this. I'm probably going to buy a steamOS when it releases to fix my problem, because a new pc only next year (not to mention the fucking prices of my country)

Actually, heres a real world example.

My geography said if you make a car HERE, and sell to another country, it will be cheaper there. Why? FUCKING FEES

So, if I can't get any puzzle designer, I think this will be the end to this mod. I'm not the best portal 2 mapper in the world (I think its josepzdj lol), but this project won't come to a life (at least for the time being).

Sorry folks. Now let's get this mod to Moddb Graveyard

Aperture Butterfly

-Never Reached the 1%-

(sorry for being so aggresive on this news, I just thought oh my mods dead so fuck it)

Additionaly, I made a PTI mappack because I had nothing better to do (planned to make some hammer maps too), but since my portal 2 stopped working I guess that's it.

You can check it here:

(As you can see my puzzles are quite fun but they're not the best in the world being logical).

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