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Never thought marketing is that tough or time consuming but we are getting there..

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So rather than working with my team on getting more art done or coding it into the game or squashing already existing bugs or even giving more time to get a good demo done for the next week deadline. Here I am writing a new post on IndieDB about our game, than will jump on twitter to quickly post on few pics, than on to social networks. I never knew marketing will take so much time or will be that hard but for an indie team, with no funds to hire dedicated marketing staff, this shit has to be done and better be done well.
Now about some status update, we had a significant portion of Burshi working fine but for demo we needed to make it such that, marketing wise, it looks good and arouse the interest in gamers. And we desperately need to make demo do this magic, arouse interest and hopefully make a portion of those gamers take the leap of faith and decide to fund our Alpha on our site or on Indiegogo.
Demo is being readied with custom code to put up UI screens at crucial places to help user see what we have done and what they can expect in future. I have written all the text to be put on the website and Indiegogo and Steam greenlight, now I have to work out all those images which will be part of this text 'content'. Header images, feature images, images for perks. Also putting in order all my emailing lists, for the press, for the blogs, for the gamers we already know, try out a few and pick and learn a good bulk-mailing software or learn to use a good emailing service etc. etc. That is when one wishes he had more hands and even better a couple of more brains to quickly multi-task and multi-thread all the work, multi-core, multi-threaded brain, wow :)

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