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It's been a while without great announcements. In fact, it's mostly wrong because we had some serious legal work to do for our incorporated association towards the European Union.

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It's been a while without any great announcements. In fact, it's mostly because we had some serious legal work to do for our incorporated association towards the European Union. We had to strengthen our team. It is important to understand the fact that Phoenix Interactive Inc. is now an incorporated association.

It may sound strange or odd but it's the truth. So, what is an incorporated association ?
"An incorporated association is a world association (profit or non-profit, it doesn't matter) that is directed by different nationalities. It means, the respective directors of the later must have different nationalities. Also, the association must have at least a little influence in the world. In such case, the later is not restricted to a few countries. The last prerequisite is: The association must have at least a decent amount of members from different countries. A such association requires a typical structure that needs a CEO (Or a president), a CFO and a CLO."

Phoenix Interactive Inc. has:
- 6 directors from Canada and France.
- Great partners, great communities and so on...
- 53 members across the world.

Anyway, let's talk about our different objectives for 2014.
Don't worry, you will enjoy that part! It contains information about our modifications and so on...

Phoenix Interactive's objectives ?

Phoenix Interactive Inc. will be at the ASFA French E3 (May 3rd & 4th) this year.
It is a great opportunity for our team to present our content towards thousands of people. All french people interested by this convention are requested to visit our website to contact us. We can invite some people to join us. The most interesting part for you is that we plan to present all of our products (Modifications, servers and so on...) and we plan as well to record in Live our conference.

Our brand new website.
You may have noticed the fact that our website has a brand new design. We used the "iFeature" technology to improve our website. You will be able, in some weeks, to discover our website with all-new features, all-new content and so on... Get ready ! There will be special pages for our modifications and we're sure you will enjoy it.

Let's talk about our modifications !

Our respective releases.
We plan to release Stargate Space Conflict & Mass Effect Reborn within a few months. In fact, we can tell you that Mass Effect Reborn will be, officially, the first release of Phoenix Interactive Inc. this year. Stargate Space Conflict should be available one or two months after ME:R. Mass Effect Reborn will be released as soon as possible. You may have noticed the "reduction" of the development. It means, we're almost ready.

A brand new generation is coming...
You may have noticed but after a decade, Phoenix Interactive Inc. was able to change the engine itself, to improve it, using its own technology. It was really difficult for us to find the necessary openGL modifications to improve Homeworld2. We don't need to force your graphics to render something. We just tell the game: "Please, that would be great if you can render this... please". Combined to our Advanced Light Design shader, the High Definition render is here. Playing in 1080p is awesome, really. Both of our mods will use these new improvements. The only problem, actually, is that slow computers will have some problems to use the latter ones. Therefore, we will add a troubleshooting guide to remove that special render. All mods that want to use our improvements must contact us via private message. We accept all deals of good will.

Battlestar Galactica is back?
"Actions stations!". You may have noticed, in our last video, the part with Battlestar Galactica. In fact, to stop all rumors about it, we have to be clear. We don't have a brand new modification. Both of our old fans know that, one year ago, we decided with the last BSGFC developers, to continue Battlestar Galactica: Fleet Commander. For the same old reasons, NBC Universal decided to remove our mod from ModDB. They don't want such mods to interfere with their own projects, that means Battlestar Galactica Online.

After a few months, continuing the development was a bit doubtful. We weren't able, at that time, to do it. We didn't have the team. Now, with our 53 members, we decided to change our mind. We will do it, whatever it takes. Phoenix Interactive will publish BSGFC in a few months. The first changes will be about translations, graphics, soundtrack (Adding BSG B&C and Caprica OST) and by adding several modifications such as the Battlestar Galactica from Blood & Chrome that contains more canons that the last BSG.

If you want to contact us, feel free to do it via PM or via Skype. Erayser's skype username is Erayser.

Thanks for reading.
Stay tuned.


These are really GREAT news! :-)

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I happy that you show us what you are actually doing and planning, it gives me confidence about you.

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Sounds really good!

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Thanks for the news, but few months for the release? Why did you have to change the release date from the first time? Why don't you let it stay TBD?

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