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The servers that 26horses Productions uses has been majorly upgraded to a 8 core E5 processor and a increased bandwidth of several terabytes a month allowing several hundred thousand players to play the next phase of testing of System Lords.

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It has been decided not to have a BETA run and just launch the game. The cost to play the game will be around 30 dollars. Everyone will be sent a e-mail that signed up to play BETA alerting them when the game launches. I have to set a few things up before I can launch the game. Once I'm done with these few things I will be releasing a launch date of the game.Why is the game going to cost to play it? I plan to use a lot of profits the game takes in and put it back into the game and to make future games with it. I really don't want the game to end up like all those browsers games where people who can afford to pay the most money can have huge advantages over players. So to ensure against all that there will be a flat one time fee to play the game for life. Later on there will also be a option to pay a 15 dollar a month fee giving some bonus's to the game but it won't be anything that sets players a large advantage against other players. Players who just pay the flat one time fee will be able to enjoy all of the game. These advantages won't have any boosts in military strength or game experience. I do plan later down the road to provide players with the option to try the game out before buying.Everything is going really well though. Also and was recently bought. So everyone can choose to use those domains when visiting the game instead. will still remain as well.


As you might imagine, I'm not pleased this didn't took off.

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