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QuadSmash LAN Preview is now available. It's a test version designed to gather feedback about our rewrite of the game engine to support networked games. Try it and tell us what worked & didn't work for you!

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Last week we released QuadSmash 1.2.0 with 5 new arenas and lots of improvements across the board. Today, we’re proud to announce the availability of QuadSmash LAN Preview for PC.

What is it?
The LAN Preview allows playing QuadSmash over a local network, with multiple computers. It’s a preliminary version intended for testing. We’d like you to try it out and send us all the feedback you have. We’ve completely rewritten the game engine, as well as the user interface to better accomodate network game setup and provide an awesome PC experience (with mouse support, yay!)

Cling to life - Deathmatch arena QuadSmash LAN Preview - Networked match setup

Things to know:

  • This version features no singleplayer campaign.
  • Internet play is planned but not (yet) available. We need more time to iron out all the kinks.
  • Menu graphics are temporary, they haven’t been reworked by our artists yet.
  • For now only one player per computer can join a networked game. We’ll add support for more local players in a later build.
  • This version is only available for PC. Once we’re sure we’ve got it right, we’ll port the networking code over to Xbox.

The build is available to everyone who purchased the full game (it’s still time!), both through Desura or standalone at our Download page. Remember to tell us what you think!

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