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Geometry Battles is a 2D physic based real time strategy game with simple shapes style and emphasis on cool VFX and gameplay variety. It is inspired by games like Supreme Commander 2 but have many elements from other RTS games too.

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Real time strategy game with uncommon units fighting system based on physics. Many great features inspired from other RTS games like Supreme Commander 2 or Paraworld. Style of the game is focused on cool effects and it is very colorful. Game have great replayability because of gameplay modifiers system where you can set for example no distance units, all upgrades on start or fog of war.

Link to Itch page where you can find basic and extended version of the game:

Battle against AI players, build and expand your base, build defences, take over resources, unlock new technologies in upgrades tree or conquer flag point in conquer mode!

Geometry Battles has many triple A games systems like creating unit groups, units action queuing or same type units on screen select by double click on one of them.

There are 4 factions in game, every of them have 4 unique basic units, 3 advanced ones, 1 titan unit and 1 commander unit which have 2 active skills. Each faction also have many basic buildings with 4 unique defence structures

One of main features is gameplay rules and there are over 20 of them! Your can change your gameplay dramatically by changing players health amount, resources income, turning off some unit or building type, enabling flag point in detruction mode or disabling auras or rogue units on maps and many more!

Here is also short gameplay from the game:

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