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Archers and Naval Civ, reliability on archers, gold production options for late game

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The first propper republic of the mod to work on, taking the vanilla italians of the games, including techs, unique unit and similar bonuses and tech tree

Expected playstyle:

- the first big change is the team bonus, not having the condotiero option by default.

-bad infantry? similar to berbers and hindostanies losing halberdier upgrade because of another better anti-cav option (camels) genoese having genoese crossbowman+halberdier was like too much, at least for me. bye bye genoese halberdier. i just realized this was already onthe vanilla

- banks? historically, after losing control at sea trade rutes, genoese rised some of the first banks of the world.

- great navy, keeping the dock tech discount bonus and more. castle age war map potence.

- regular defenses. nothing new

-late game trash fight will be hard for genoese, but banks will have a great impact on it.

- great archers, both bonuses and techs helping

- and of course their patron and crusade related saint st george will have influence in this civ

overall: great naval civ, average (i expect) land civ, with bonuses for every age.

220px The port and fleet of Genost george genoaCoat of arms of Republic of Geno

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