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New Grass, Weather, Tunnels, Water, Sniping, Music, Lighting!

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Latest video, a long one too. Hopefully showcases some really cool new additions (and new glitches that happened during whatever madness) as well as maybe showcasing a higher quality of (precomputed) light, still undecided if it looks better but I thinnk it does.. I show a bit of my intro mode and then at the end it sort of goes a bit slow so I decided to show my sniper mode - which is also slow....and glitching very badly so after each shot I had to press F6 to flip in and out, not normally like that :)

But it explains the weird cam glitches between shots.. WIP and all that. Thanks for watching!.. This video is a test video with the music of DTR who has donated some awesome tracks to the game. I think it works extremely well!!!.. It's got that FSOL of feel I've been going for in many ways, I'm really happy to have these tunes in the game! I actually think they will work in game as you play, which is wonderful. Check out his sound cloud here:

And feel free to follow the game here



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