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Hey there everyone. Tuesday was supposed to be update day, but I've been rather swamped with work recently. I didn't have time to finish it, oh well. There's a 90% chance it'll be updated on July 4th though. Another mini-campaign and some small changes I don't even remember now. One of those is changing the Black Market Nuke to the Hyper-Sonic-Terrorist-Strike thing.

After the July 4th update, I need to move to a once-a-month update routine. It'll still be on a Tuesday though. As far as suggestions go, I probably won't be able to get to most of them. While I do read it, it's unlikely it'll be added, sorry about that.

Thanks for everyone who plays this, you rock. <3


Hey, remember that one time I sent you a non-lag version of GameData.ini? Just put AIDebug=yes inside and it should be ok.

Shockwave Chaos will keep reigning supreme under 2017 ZH mods.

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