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Just a general status update following the Demo release.

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Hello all!

Following the release of our demo, we've gotten a great deal of fantastic feedback so I wanted to start off with a huge thank you! Now some news about the game.

First off, we've already started working on the full version of the game, and hope to have some screen shots or something very soon. Some of the feedback we've received lead us to work on some general changes to the fundamental structure of the game, so we're working through all of that first. Although we are not sure how those changes will affect the time it will take for those future screenshots.

Secondly, we've started work on porting the demo to android. Our original concept was an android game but when the platform became restrictive we decided on a PC release and a future android port. Now that we have the demo out there, and based on some of our Slidedb traffic, we’ve decided to start porting the demo now rather than wait until after the PC release.

Obviously there will be some differences between the PC and Android game, but the central story will remain the same.

Finally, some response to some of our feedback on the demo. Thank you all so much for playing the demo and submitting feedback. It's amazing to find that our work is as good as we thought it was. We've gotten some great suggestions and criticism to spearhead some really solid changes to the original concept.

At the time of this post, we're sitting at over 100 downloads plus dozens more webplayer hits on All the responses we’ve received on our end-of-demo survey have been overwhelmingly positive. But what really blew us out of the water is the article (and playthrough seen below) Alpha Beta Gamer did on our demo.

Alpha Beta Gamer's playthrough (obviously spoilers):

We also came accross a second playthough on youtube, by Goat, with some pretty entertaining commentary.

Thank you all so much for your view. It's one thing to make something and think it's good, and something else entirely to make something and be told by strangers that it's as good as you thought. We look forward to future progress and updates. In the mean time, enjoy the game.

Majesty 3D dev team


I want my mod in public domain.

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