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Some general things and when we can expect the first playable build.

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First of all Development goes on slow but better slow then stuck.
Anyways alot of models do already exists for the mod some are detailed and some are not that detailed. People don't think about the often missing texture on the in-game models.

The main thing I am currently working on:

-Code (with help here and there)
That means that I try to fit some code to my Mod idea and gameplay, this will take time because there is some new stuff for me too.

Second thing I am doing is modelling some models for testing the code.

This take time too and there is the RL as well.

In other words I first try to setup a solid base where I can put on my mod.

Some previously made models get now replaced by high detailed models matching more into the era. As well as some more polys. [The HQ, Vehicleyard and Researchfacility were just Testmodels for UVmapping and the code in general.] (To get more familiar with Spring Development).

First which get replaced is the NATO Headquarter.

I try to release the very first playable build in summer or earlier.

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