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Some.. general.. stuff. About the game, short term plans, and the current state.

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Hi everyone!

First of all, thank you for visiting my game's page, it means a lot to me.:)

I'm planning to upload some fresh screenshots every week(if I have something to show you of course).
Right now the game is in an early alpha stage, the main logic works more or less, the graphics isnt finished yet(the design will be the same though - for two reasons, 1, I like it, it looks clean 2, I dont know any artist.:D) If everything will be as it should be, then I can make a work in progress video this weekend - until then I have to make a decent level(the ones on the screenshots are just tests), finish off the bugs, and.. well, that's all for this week.

Some words about the gameplay. I wanted to make it simple as possible, you can build a platform by holding the left mouse button, and destroy it with the right, the goal is to deliver as many bloops(I really like this word) as you can from the faucet to the bottles. Basicly thats all.

Ps.: if you have any questions(about the project, or whatever) please let me know.

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