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General changes and also Scrin general changes. Due to wanting to keep the size of the post down, Nod and GDI changes will be added in another post.

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( Changes that effect the the game system eg tiberium changes, or changes that effect more than one side. Can include balance changes )


The main thrust is based on trying to reign in both tier 1 structure spam ( almost always war factories and refineries ) and also to insure that it is more costly to use Construction yard sell tactics, and also mid or late game multiple Construction yard backed MCV move or base crawl tactics ( typically with multiple tier 3 defences ready to be placed ).

  • All sides refineries and War factories have had their power drain increased from -6 to -10. This is only really relevant for tier 1, it adds more power management issues to early game economy boost gameplay style. Once the power plants can be upgraded this is no longer an issue.
  • Removed the extra build radius that was added to both refineries and war factories ( was 280 back to 250 ). No longer required for reason that will be mentioned further down this list.
  • All Construction yard build radius has been increased from 360 to 450. A Kane's Wrath change. This is why the extra build radius is no longer required on the above production and resource structures.
  • Both GDI and Nod MCV now cost $5,000 and take 50s to build, selling an MCV still only gives a player $1,750 because the engineer has been factored into the sell price ( you do get an extra basic infantry though! ). This is an attempt to lessen the no brain MCV move, MCV sell strategy and finally multiple MCV's built for the purposes of offensive tier 3 defence spam. This does not eliminate these tactics, it just requires a little more thought ( especially in the early game ). The big news here is that the Scrin 'MCV' is exempt. The reasons are that the Scrin cannot rebuild their MCV at tier 1, so the mindless MCV sell tactics that GDI and Nod can employ are not has relevant to the Scrin, and also the Scrin defences are simply not has fearsome or cost effective has the other sides ( the Storm column is often overrated ).
  • All power plant upgrades are now unlocked at tier 2, rather than tier 3. A Kane's Wrath change.
  • All engineers now provide double experience points if killed.
  • Reintroduced the APC drop delay for both GDI and Nod APCs. I felt that the fact that someone could prepare static defences or units to guard a certain structure and it was still easy for skilled APC+engineer user to bypass the attempted defence, ridiculous. Any infantry dropped of by the APC have a 3s period were they move very slowly.
  • Basic rocket infantry for GDI and Nod have had the damage done to infantry reduced by half.
  • Neutral tech defence structure now has a 'CANNON' weapon code category. This means that it will always prefer vehicles has targets.
  • Tier 1 GDI and Nod MBT speed reduce to 75% when crushing infantry.
  • Reduced Fog regrow time from 30s to 20s. It always got on my nerves how long an area stayed revealed after a unit had died.
  • All sides outposts unpack time has been decreased from 30s to 20s. Slightly more usable, especially for sides whose MCV cost has been increased.
  • All sides outposts have a single vehicle repair drone. This is mostly for the skirmish AI's benefit, the structure is almost always sold in human vs human games.


( mostly general changes, with a few balance adjustments )

  • Storm column experience points increased from 1,500 to 3,000. Now correctly matches cost ratio.
  • Mastermind experience points reward increased from 1,500 to 2,500. Now correctly matches cost ratio.
  • Increased Corrupter weapon range from 100 to 150. This is a Kane's Wrath change.
  • Ion storm now has a 'CANNON' weapon category. Again this means more aggressive targeting of vehicles.
  • All tiberium enhanced beam weapons range increased from 350 to 375. This gives the Scrin a chance verses tier 2 base defence turtle type gameplay, without forcing them to go to tier 3 ( especially because of Nods ability to upgrade their basic defences at tier 2 ).
  • Increased performance and functionality of the Reconstruction drone support power, the drones speed has been increased by 50% ( 50 to 75 ), the repair radius has been increased by 1/3 ( 150 to 200, which matches the battle base drones ), and finally the drones will now heal allied vehicles!
  • The radius cursor of the newly improved Reconstruction drone support power has been increased to more accurately show its improved radius.
  • Re-added an improved Lightning spike support power, it now comes with an Ion storm! This means, has well has the extra damage, the spike can now be used has a forward repair combat boost point for Scrin air units!
Lightning Spike
For pity's sake destroy the spike first!

  • New structure Terraforming Nexus from Kane's Wrath:
Scrin Terraforming Nexus

  • Moved Plasma upgrade from Tech assembly to Nerve center. This means that the Scrin have another potential anti-air option at tier 2.
  • Added the 'Conversion reserve' upgrade from Kane's Wrath to the Nerve center. This upgrade gives you more usage for your tiberium enhanced beam weapons!
  • The Devourer tank can now fire on the move while it has its tiberium enhanced beam. This is a Kane's Wrath change.
  • Scrin ship now requires both Tech assembly and Signal transmitter. Previously only required the Signal transmitter, which meant that if the Tech assembly was destroyed, you could still build the most powerful unit in the game!
  • AI will build the Scrin ship far more often now.
  • New upgrade: Shard launchers, available at the Tech assembly! Upgrades the weapon on Gun walkers, Seeker tanks, Photon cannon and plasma missile launchers. A very helpful boost for basic Scrin technology.
Shard Launchers!

  • New upgrade: Blue Shards, available once Shard launchers has been researched! Upgrades Shard launchers to the more powerful Blue Shard launcher, allows early Scrin tech to remain useful in the late game, massively increases the attack power of the basic anti-tank and anti-air base defences.
Blue Shard Launchers!


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