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Just a large summary of whats planned for this game

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Ok so, to start off im gonna say right now that it might be a while in between updates, depending on how hectic school is and how good i get at doing game making ;) any way, right now im working on models for the last era of the game, the space age, because i thought you guys had seen enough swords, machine guns, airplanes and jets, so right now im working on models, all custom made from me. once i get better at using my modeling software ill start making the smaller things like guns. Another point of interest is the game engine; i will not be using the cry engine 3 despite what the main page says, i am waiting on the Software Development Kit for a game engine called "INovae" that is currently in development. The reason im waiting for it is because it can make a full size galaxy, with thousands of stars, all with full size planets that are all ready to be explored, at least until you get to the space age. As for the actual game development, i will release a new version every time i think the next era is ready to be played, with small updates whenever needed. here are some other fun things to daydream about:

stage 1: none
stage 2: basic upgrades (scope, larger mag, etc)
stage 3: more complex upgrades (longer barrel, fore grip, grenade launcher, etc)
stage 4: complete control (ammo type, decals, color, etc)

VEHICULAR ACTIVITIES (driving, flying, sailing, etc)
stage 1: none
stage 2: basic activities
stage 3: more complex, flying
stage 4: freedom

stage 1: none
stage 2: color
stage 3: weapon load out, amount of armor
stage 4: fully customizable (engine, amount of weapons, etc)

stage 1: name
stage 2: clothes
stage 3: skin tone, hair, tattoo's, etc
stage 4: race(?)

and more that i probably forgot about!

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