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Info regarding the mod and the changes since 2015.

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Starter Pack is the essential go to mod for players new to the series or players looking to replay a classic game. All the mods in the pack don't alter the gameplay from vanilla and only add visual enhancements to the game. This mod pack is a slight update of the 2015 version.

Included mods:

Zone Reclamation Project - huge community effort of fixing bugs and adding some features which we're left out of the vanilla SoC, comes with a configurator.

Old Weapons Renewal 3 for SoC - better looking sounding gun models

Photo Realistic Zone - texture pack for ground, trees, structures etc

Stalker Weather Overhaul - better looking weather and skyboxes

STALKER Shaders MAX 1.06 - better looking shaders, adds depth of field, slight motion blur

FOV Switcher v17 - Field of View switcher for stalker series, comes with instructions, works for other versions of the game

What has changed since 2015 pack:

  • Added OWR3 with ZRP patch so now you can enjoy the game with some good quality weapon models and not the horrendous early 2000's models from vanilla game. The damage values should be the same as in vanilla and the only thing changed is models, animations and some sounds.
  • Replaced Absolute texture packs with PRZ2.1 since it contains more/better quality textures.
  • Kept the original mod read me's and added simple installation guide.


Do keep in mind to play on the master difficulty and with crosshair off for true stalker experience and remember, FRIENDS DON'T LET FRIENDS PLAY COMPLETE MOD.


I heard aiming and shooting and damage in Vanilla was terrible. Does this collection of mods include aiming and damage fix?

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MightySDS Author

About the aiming and shooting being terrible, well everyone has their own taste. This mod keeps the main shooting mechanics same as vanilla, so if you hated that... then this is probably not for you and you're better off playing some other mod(Autumun Aurora, AMK, etc.). I personally wouldn't say it's terrible, but I can say that weapons sure as hell don't feel that accurate once they've had some wear and tear, so you certainly won't be sniping military guys from half the map away. What I can say is that you should try it and make up your own mind, if you hate it then just uninstall this mod and forget about it. Just see how it works out for you.

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I was thinking the same thing. I'm going to mod SoC for my fist playthrough (primarily for bug fixes and better graphics) but one thing I heard was that people hated how enemies were bullet sponges. I don't mind grinding a bit to get better ammo/gun types that will finally feel okay (at least) further you get into the game, but I don't want to shoot someone in the head point blank and not see them go down some (respectable) time in game all in the name of stats.
Just put it this way, I just finished Metro redux and their ammo was underpowered due to world logic, which seemed completely rational to me... Will it be like that(game weapon/ammo/damage mechanics)? ...or worse?
At least one shot to head would take down enemies in Metro redux even with underpowered ammo.

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You have heard VERY wrong. Most likely just complains coming from (console) gamers that are too used to hit-scan shooters.

Literally anyone in STALKER can be 1-shotted to death with a clean hit headshot, at least 99% of the time. Landing those decisive hits can however be a bit of a challenge, as STALKER games use very detailed, yet slightly exaggerated BULLET PHYSICS. This means that shots take some time to travel, they start arching down at certain distance, may ricochet off hard surfaces... etc. The weapon and ammo-type also affect the general shooting performance a lot, with pistols and shotguns having the shortest effective range.

On top of this, STALKER does utilize a pseudo-RPG -like progression system, that revolves around your gear. The starting equipment are practically always inferior when compared to end-game gear. This is however also the ONLY true limiting factor that *may* stop you from running from the start to the very center of the Zone, right off the bat; it's technically doable, but you can bet you'll probably get sniped and/or radiated to death long before even seeing Chernobyl.

There's a bit of a learning curve when it comes to STALKER, especially if you haven't played too many late-90s and early-00s PC shooters and RPGs.
However, Once you get an actual assault rifle, load it up with AP-rounds and pop a scope on top...maybe wear something a bit more protective than a leather jacket... you suddenly start feeling like a demi-god.

Before AND after that though, you just need to master the old slavic ways of surviving inna Zone: low-crouch, use cover, use single or burst firing mode, aim through sights, aim to the head.

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