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Just want to give an update on a few things regarding the development of this project, and the plans that I have.

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Hello. The phase of development I am in right now for this project is just sweeping through every map and refining everything. I have done this for about 70% of the actual gameplay maps. The way the end of the story is structured is that there are a few smaller scale standalone maps before a final hub map. Right now I am refining the last few maps before the final hub. When I originally planned out these maps, I really didn't know much about level design, puzzles, etc. so they did not turn out that great. So I will unfortunately have to extend the release date because I want to spend a lot of time changing and improving these maps. I realize I shouldn't have a definitive release date until this project is mere days from completion. After that, I will refine and complete the final hub and then the ending. Hopefully this turns out well.

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