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Time to get this into action! I want my game to be playable inside a store, any store I can get into.

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After having done some more reearch into the whole Marketing side of things, I've chosen to go for one of those routes less travelled, attempting to take my lil indie game, into a physical shop and set-it-up there for people to come by, have a play through and grab some free merchandise in the form of stickers, badges, etc.

The game isn't ready for this quite yet, but I'm well aware that I need to be prepared for everything ahead of time, and on a small budget of a couple hundred quid.

So far I have an iCade, which is going to be re-painted and decorated to fit in with They Are Everywhere, Some Badges (roughly 100) and some more bits coming along the way.

Is this going to be effective, I really don't know and this could be the whole "over-enthusiastic indie" part of me coming through here but I get the feeling that if I can do this well, it may have the knock-on effect of garnering some contract work for games, let alone game sales.

Either way, I need to get in contact with people about this set-up, there are 2 locally owned, game stores, one of them particularly supports indies so they are my best bet.

I'll keep this blog and indeed you readers informed as to how this goes!

Ryan Carson - Refresh Creations Ltd

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