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WHAT'S NEW We're finally back with another update! The three main things to tell your neighbours about in this update are: - Deferred rendering improving the GPU performance. - Even more work on the net code. - Improved navigation in menus and more polished panels.

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We're finally back with another update! The three main things to tell your neighbors about in this update are:

  • Deferred rendering improving the GPU performance.
  • Even more work on the net code.
  • Improved navigation in menus and more polished panels.

Here follows a long list of other changes that we've made:

  • Disabled lowpass and echo filters for audio.
  • Replicator now only sync time with primary peer.
  • Game scoring accumulation is only performed once every second.
  • Fix to state replication issues. Primary peer is now responsible for camp balance.
  • Fixed script crash when trying to award “Death to Deserter” achievement.
  • Optimized tank extrapolation method.
  • Disabling time synchronization after time variance has reached acceptable levels.
  • Time synchronization forced if drifted too far, continuous sync only in lobby.
  • Re-activated old extrapolation path – using explicit extrapolation instead of physics integration (should be cheaper on the CPU).
  • Able to set a lower max player limit.
  • A lot of optimizations in replicator and P2P, less memory allocations and reduced number of API calls.
  • P2P topology now only scans first and second order routes.
  • Fixed overlapping and misaligned issues in UI at half size.
  • Fixed missing minimap in SP, and centered it.
  • Fixed lobby user list UI glitches.
  • Partially hidden panels in the tank customizer now flashes to attract attention.
  • Various script optimizations.
  • Steam integration optimizations, no longer polling lobby users, instead update local list in callbacks.
  • Fixed a lot of shaders to use the proper output.
  • Fixed full garbage container collision.
  • Fixed arena monitor collision.
  • Added dead plants to Oasis.
  • Significantly slowed down the preview camera that's circling the map.
  • Removed hours from match time, showing only minutes and seconds.
  • Vintage Jets asset change.
  • Reduced size of cloud textures in skypsheres.
  • Added material to Vintage Jets hover.
  • Reduced sound gain on some engines.
  • Fixed flickering gokart textures.
  • New Gear Up coin icon. Now also hides coin icon when no part is selected in the part store.
  • Replaced XP with Rank on top of progression meter.
  • Now shows green symbol on owned parts in part store, and a red number to indicate sell price.
  • Changed the colors for difference when changing mass in the customizer. Lowering mass now shows green and adding as red.
  • Various work on textures.
  • Added sounds for victory and defeat when a Conquest or TDM match ends.
  • Removed hit ground sounds for spiders (constantly being triggered).
  • Added correct caption to the Replayer panel.
  • Tank name is correctly truncated.
  • Added one more LOD for containers to lower aliasing issues.
  • A lot of small changes to weapon and auxiliary effects.
  • Added loadout change panel to Conquest spawn screen.
  • New minimap looks.
  • Tweaked minimap symbols and added legend to spawn picker. Fixed misaligned symbols.
  • Pressing Play now brings the player straight to the lobby list – removing one step.
  • Pressing Back from own lobby now leads to lobby list instead of Create new game.
  • Make sure we stop refreshing lobby list when creating a new game.
  • Issue lobby query directly when entering lobby browser panel.
  • Optimized pickup checking code a bit.
  • Work on Create Game screen and localization.
  • Minimap team mates now always seen.
  • Show team mates on bigmap properly.
  • Menu, menu sounds and localization tweaks.
  • Players (both teams) now seen on the Conquest spawn map.
  • Adjusted minimap pulse visibility.
  • Cleaned up input mapping.
  • Added military rank style badges.
  • Merged all events controlling camps into a new class, should resolve synchronization issues.
  • Fixed elevation projectiles (saw blade) that wasn't issuing any damage.
  • Improved impulse direction calculation of projectiles.
  • Work on lobby symbols and items.
  • Fixed bug where AI bots didn't attack players in water.
  • Fixed bot position on big map.
  • Changes to improve heightfields in various ways.
  • Conquest bar changes to a darker color when team isn't getting any capture score.
  • Conquest bar flashes when the team is 25% from winning the round.
  • Ammo symbols flash when replenished.
  • New crosshair and screen center symbols.
  • New thumbnails and loading screens.
  • Friends show a green symbol when invitation sent.
  • Fix to cap player positions to map limits on the various UI maps.
  • Replaced “Confirm” with “Start” in the lobby.
  • Fix to team coloring of meshes surrounding camps.
  • Fixed lobby issues where lobbies could enter limbo when created.
  • Moved the lobby search spinner to the center and removing it when the lobby search is finished.
  • Now shows if a joined lobby is private or public.
  • Fixed offset error in heightfield methods, causing misaligned ray queries in physics.
  • Fixed incorrect camp states replicated when a ghost connects.
  • Now both red and blue conquest tower rings count from down and up.
  • Made neutral team color darker to match neutral tower counter color.
  • Toned down the repair effect and corrected longevity.
  • Fixed issues with specular in deferred renderer.
  • Disable specular when tank is either stealthed or in near camera mode.
  • Fixed skysphere direction on Oasis and Valley.
  • Fix for store camera.
  • Fix for part prices not going back from red to yellow.
  • Neutral tank parts now matches the dark grey neutral camp color.
  • Fixed dps stat when multiple main weapons are attached.

Gear Up is free to play on steam.


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