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Godwin art inspires a fresh take on the classic Tiberian Dawn Minigunners: GDI Rangers, the iconic linemen of UNGDI Forces.

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Godwin painting inspiring our modernized version of the classic Tiberian Dawn Minigunners.

Godwin GDIRangers

The GDI Rangers will be standard on all UNGDI teams, and able to deploy with sandbags just like the RA2 G.I. most of us are used to seeing.

  • Quicker-moving than RA2 GI, with better primary M-16 rifle.
  • Deployable with sandbags. Sturdy base defenders and skilled in urban combat.
  • Ready for action.
  • NodsRevenge UNGDI Rangericon


Also, expect to see more arctic variations of graphics for infantry, a feature that was generally unused in classic Yuri's Revenge.

GDIRngrSnwIcon Pre

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