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Balance adjustments that affect the Global Defence Initiative.

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  • 50% more speed + weapon damage. A Kane's Wrath improvement.


  • Collide pick up disabled. To match the Nod APC


  • Unpacked health increased from 5000 -> 5500
  • Battle base missiles do 200% damage vs 'AIRCRAFT'
  • Packed health increased 33%, unpack/pack time decreased 40%, repair drone range increased 33%. These are Kane's Wrath improvements.
  • You can no longer send the Rig support power over Tiberium.

Repair Bay

  • Repair bay drone speed increased from 75 -> 100.


  • Damage vs 'INFANTRY' increased to 125%.
  • Damage vs Allied 'INFANTRY' decreased to 50%.


  • All weapon ranges increased from 300 -> 325.
  • Health reduced from 11500 to 10000. Removed Kane's Wrath health boost
  • Speed reduced from 45 -> 40. Removed Kane's Wrath speed boost
  • Sonic grenades reload reduced from 5s -> 4s.
  • Missiles now do 200% damage vs 'AIRCRAFT'. This makes the missile Mammoth a more valid choice vs the Sonic grenade Mammoth.
  • Healing delay reduced from 0.5s -> 0.3s. Now has a more reasonable healing rate.

Medium tank

  • Heroic gunner no longer has a deflection restriction.


  • Now units that are caught at any point in the beams path are slowed, rather than only at the ending point of the beam. It will slow allied and enemy units alike!

Green = Buff
Red = Nerf
Blue = Neutral
Black = My comments.

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