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I still develop this modification, because I love and I hope that he will play at least a few people. In this version I fixed a few bugs, added the ability to send people to the point, several animations and a few sound effects. I assure that in any other game there is so much strategy and tactics. It's that chess in real time:)

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Full list of changes:
repair bugs : "stop enemy hero", "ball", "use skill enemy hero, " "Summoning Eagle Townhall enter it, " "Stonehenge bugs" and many others
new talent hero "favourite unit"
* increased levels of AI difficulty
* introduction of class units (swordfish, bowman, light infantry, heavy infantry, infantry special - "penetrations, light cavalry, heavy horse)
implementation of the "paper, rock, scissors":
- Archers strong against light and heavy infantry, weak against spearmans with shields and cavalry.
- Spearmen strong against cavalry and archers, the weak against the "penetrations".
- Heavy horse against a strong,
archers, light and heavy infantry, weak against spearmans.
- "Penetrations" strong against
spearmans, infantry and light, weak against cavalry, archers, heavy infantry.
- Light Infantry - assets: do not rebel. Weakest unit.

* develop the tactical aspect of the game thanks to the "IN BATTLE"
* adding 40 new artifacts
adding 70 new icons for heroes
adding 20 new sound effect
adding active barbarians on the map with its own AI
* adding elite archers with long range shot
* adding a tax collector
* new raw material, iron and iron mine
* modify the statistics to improve the balance units
* 10 new enhancements such as extension of the gates of castles, general's school, guild of mercenaries, camouflage, etc.
* ddded the ability to burn buildings
* possibility improve the outposts through their expansion and hiring guards
possibility of transporting food, gold and people to outpost and create route
possibility fully automate the management of a stronghold outposts, thanks route and such options as auto-buying families, automatic drawing of the peasants, the automatic building of troops in barracks, selling into slavery of the peasants, peasants training etc.
adding sentry at outposts
* possibility of obtaining food from hunting the animals and fish
* adding a hero from combat mode that is hidden fighters involved on / off hidden aggressiveness
add option auto feeding of the hero and his army
the addition of new combat formations such as the long line, square, loose formation
* repair all spiritual units
* the possibility of rebellion hungry troops (with the exception of light infantry)
* rationing of food in relation to the amount held vitality. The more vitality a body that needs more food
* added three degrees of promotion warriors and heroes of the number killed
only gain experience for fighting with the enemy at the same level or higher
added a new building "Great Tavern. " It gives possibility hiring leaders from other nations
* added the ability to increase the population in the village, by not extracting food
added ability to charge cavalry
added bonus for the defense position on the hills
* injured or deprived of stamina of the military fights and moves slowly
* added glory to leader points. Awarded for acquiring the outposts, cause the warriors of our villages join us for free
* added new bonuses when choosing before starting a game such as character level to 12, 4000 food, etc.
* added ability to automatically transport between the shipyards of the army (by water)
added the ability to modernize the army (where our military has no new artifacts such as weapons and armor steel)
added ability to send people to the point

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Network: gbrta2
Passowrd: gbrta2


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