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Optional ads, slower but closer gates, better scaling and a whole load of polish!

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The BIG GATE update is coming very soon! So what is it?

Well I've had a fair few suggestions now the game has been out for a bit and I'm looking to address these.

The biggest problem people had was with the adverts, they would sometimes take so long to load that they would pop up mid game and end what could possibly have been a high score in progress.

So what I did was made adverts optional, when you hit a wall (aka game over) you get the option to continue, if you watch an ad of course. Now this option does only appear if an ad is loaded which will stop any annoying unwanted pop-ups.

The second issue is a bit more complicated to explain. Allot of people were getting low scores, not because of poor reactions but because the gates were moving so fast you just couldn't focus on the screen.

This one took a little more thought to fix. The gates still speed up, just not to the same extent. Though to keep it difficult the gates now get closer together.

Now this one was just a small one. Currently when you take your finger off the screen, its game over.

You can remove you finger! If you dare of course. Had to fix some issues that allowed you to cheat, as pressing somewhere else allowed you to essentially skip gates.

You might not have noticed this one if you have a 16:9 resolution device but for any others you would notice a black border. This is because it doesn't scale

So now in the BIG update, if you play it on say, iPad or iPhone 4 it will fit the screen perfectly!

The rest of the changes are things I thought needed fixing myself, just over-all polish.

- Gates aren't bound to specific positions
- The background changes colour every 100 points
- More medals, 16 to be precise
-Some simple background shading
-Small line of shading on the gates so they stand out on more backgrounds

So that's essentially what's gone into the BIG GATE update!

Any more suggestions? Let me know and I’ll try address them for the next release

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