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Learn about our first enemy, the ravenous Gassers!

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Hi there bloggers! Check out this awesome photo the director gave to me to release! I was so excited when he showed me this photo this morning and said I could use it for the blog. You lucky bloggers are looking at the enemy of the game! Well… enemies!

These lovely creatures are called gassers. These beasties are a little like zombies, with an awesome twist. Because of a malfunction of the system and some devious plotting, a neurotoxin was released into the air, and this was the result. These once happy passenger people were turned into ravenous, scratching, biting, dead people eating monsters! This neurotoxin has messed with their brains so much, that all they can think is EAT! and KILL!

I sure wouldn’t want to run into one of these trapped aboard… oh, I almost said too much again. And I’m sure you’re pulling your hair out asking, “WHAT SYSTEM?” But, alas, I can’t tell you just yet. You’ll have to keep coming back and checking until the great director lets me tell you all the whole story. Or, sign up to play the demo! That’s right bloggers, there are still a few spaces left to fill for testers. So get those emails in to so you can finally get a taste of what it’s going to be like to play this groundbreaking game.

That’s all for now bloggers. Stop back next week… I hear rumors that what I’m going to get to reveal is even more important than one of the game’s enemies.

Signing off, Keri Irace, PR Manager

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