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After some requests i trees no longer drop apples, instead you got to grow yourself.

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After few requests i decided to add gardening system. Heres how it works.

Every time you eat apple you have 50% chance to get a seed, when eating melon chance is 75%.

When planting that seed theres you can grow 3 diffrent plants.

* Weed - useless
* Melon - get melons
* Apple tree - get apples

These 3 plants look the same, so you will not know what you get until you harvest.

You also need to water them once in their lifetime. Because plant will die, making it useless.

Also with this system a new tool has been added. It's harvest tool.

It is multi-purpose.

Primary attack will extinguish fire / water the plants. A single iginted thing, or plant will consume 1 bottled water. When theres fire near and not watered plants near the primary objective will be extinguishing fire.

Secondary attack is for harvesting.

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