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GAR 1.26 patch is now live on Steam. Includes new weapon effects, debuffs and resist system, and lots of other fixes / upgrades.

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The 1.26 patch will implement the following . Note, if you are running a server you will have to shut it down while your game folder patches.

  • Weapon Effects System: higher quality weapons will randomly have up to 3 extra side-effects based on rarity. The initial efffect pool is:

    - increased damage
    - damage over time
    - acid damage over time (direct to hull, bypassing shield and armor)
    - electrical damage over time + reduced rate of fire
    - fire damage over time (direct to armor, bypassing shield)
    - snare + 40% reduced speed
    - 20% splash damage
    - 10% chance to launch a warhead, ignoring cooldown
    - 2 extra side gun barrels
    - 3 extra rear gun barrels

  • Debuff and Resist systems for all objects to support the above side effects. Some enemies maybe be immune to certain effects.
  • More powerful enemies may use their own weapon effects.
  • New sound effects and icons related to the Effects and Debuffs systems above.
  • General sound design adjustments for more variety and relative volume levels.
  • Increased the maximum projectiles in flight for players from 32 to 50 due to increased weapon barrel counts.
  • Weapon Quality and Weapon Effects now display on Bank Screen, Weapon Screen, and Weapon Lab Screens.
  • When purchasing a new ship the "Current Ship" preview is properly updated to the newly purchased ship. Previously, it would not update until the Buy Ship Screen was dropped and re-opened.
  • Fixes for Shots Fired achievements.
  • When scrapping a weapon effects are lost.
  • The Scan Megalith missions have more specific tips on properly scanning.
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