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looking for a crew to join the gang. attitute is attitute no matter which part of the world you come from a gangster knows. here some writing about al capone he was smart he did not look at the colour of skin but money!

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al capone - Prohibition was making the godfather rich and he reveled in the role of the generous godfather spending lavishly on those around him. Capone’s flamboyant style captured the imagination of main stream American, and he became a high profile celebrity, just like famous professional athlete and movie stars of the day. What is not as well known is Scarface’s relationship with black Chicago. He bought the Plantation Cafe, a black and tan cabaret located at 338 East 38th Street near Calumet Avenue, which Edward Fox and Al Turner initially owned. The Plantation Café, which featured King Oliver’s Dixie Syncopators, had a notorious reputation as a gangster haunt for undesirables. After Scarface took charge, the ultra violent gang wars in Chicago heated up, and in the spring of 1927, the Plantation Café was bombed several times. Many people in the jazz world of Harlem’s Black Belt, depended upon Capone for work and business and he loved it. “To the musicians burning to make names for themselves or simply desperate to work, the Capone brothers, Al and Ralph, were the men to see,” writes Capone biographer Laurence Bergreen. “Although the majority of the musicians were black, (Al) Capone, as an equal opportunity employer and corruptor, drew no racial distinctions. Everyone was welcome to join his coalition.” All Scarface asked was for “’’members’ to be loyal consumers for his bootleg booze.” Milt “Judge” Hinton, a famous African American bassist, recalled how Capone approached his uncle, John Thomas, a bootlegger who controlled alcohol sales in his Southside neighborhood. “You buy all the alcohol from me for $6 a gallon and sell it for $18 dollars,” Capone instructed Thomas. “You keep $12 for every gallon of alcohol. I’ll handle all the police. You won’t have to worry about protection. I’ll furnish all the transportation. All you have to do is deliver the alcohol and collect the money. Just don’t buy from anybody but me. ”It was an offer many people in Chicago, black as well as white, could not refuse, especially when they knew what the consequences could be. Scarface was a tyrant with a mercurial temper who had murdered hundreds, if not thousands, of associates and foe alike. An audience with Capone was the last thing one wanted to experience.the end. link to the group-

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as far back as i remember i allways wanted to be a gangster.

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