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Despite what I promised last month, the second public beta for GamingMarine in Doom is now available.

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Many thanks for the feedback since the first beta! It wasn't nearly as much as I hoped, but it was feedback nonetheless. Anyway, the second public beta is now available for download, with a lot of changes. Here's the changelog:

-Moved the Cookie-Crystal's spawn to the Computer Area Map, making it harder to cheese out lots of MAP07s.
-Removed the Lead Poisoning. I might receive hate for it, but pretty much the only purpose they served was to make the UAC Shotgun and V-Gun obsolete.
-Replaced the Cloaking Device with the new HasteSphere. It's exactly what it sounds like.
-Removed the Dual Beretta and Firestick from spawning in maps; Killing a ZSec Pistol Soldier or ZSec Shotgunner is now the only way to acquire a second Beretta or Firestick respectively.

-Fixed lighting inconsistency for the Angle Grinder's first-person sprites.
-A few liquid textures in terrain.wad were reverted to older versions to better fit Doom's artstyle.
-Edited the sprites for the Imp replacement to fix palette issues (SPECIAL SHOUTOUT TO NOT HAVING A MOUSE AT THE TIME FOR MAKING THIS TASK HARDER THAN IT NEEDED TO BE), and adjusted the death animation's offset in the process.
-Added placeholder player sprites for crouching.
-The M_DOOM graphic is now properly and accurately scaled.
-Adjusted the Pineapple Jammer's sprite offsets to make the firing animation look less janky.
-The Dual Berettas now have their own icon, for compatibility with mods like DrPyspy's Weapon Wheel and Tapwave's War Trophies.
-The explosive barrel's design has been given a facelift, based on an unused design released by John Romero a few years back.

-A LOT of enemy dialogue was added, ranging from adding a single voice clip for sighting the player (i.e. the ZSec Pistol Soldier and the Master Force Lord) to completely overhauling the sound libraries of certain enemies (Primarily mid-tier ponies).
-Enemy footstep sounds have been expanded to ALL enemies.
-Performing a headshot now makes a juicy "SPLAT!" sound.
-Selecting the Dual Berettas now has its own sound.
-Removed the obnoxious speaking from Soul Cube pickups.
-Fixed the Missile Launcher's flying sound not cutting off properly.
-Added several new sounds for the player drowning and surfacing for air.
-The old MAP30 music ("Take Down General Akhboob!" from Total Carnage) has been replaced with the CD version of Pestis Cruento from Blood.
-Fixed the Firestick's firing sound getting cut off when the player jumps.

-Renamed the sprite names for several decorations and items, to avoid brightmap confliction.
-Added a way, WAY better method of replacing Spectres (And Nightmare Spectres in Consolation Prize). They were originally replaced by using RandomSpawners, but now they use copies of the base Hellhound.
-Fixed the Firestick's kickback lowering the player's view.
-The Firestick has been reworked to make its name quite literal. The weapon now fires Dragon's Breath rounds, setting enemies on fire! Note that this also applies to ZSec Shotgunners... (I intend to rework this even further later on)

-Keys now have their own pickup messages.
-Reworded part of MAP12's text screen to make the context of "stuffing the barrel in your mouth" less confusing.
-Reworded the end of MAP32's text screen to make it less boring.
-Added ending screen text for John Romero's SIGIL. I'll admit, the text is a bit rushed, but then again, the text screen for OG SIGIL seems to be rushed as well.
-Part of Lost Cause's description has been rewritten to take inspiration from Doom and Ion Fury.
-D_INTER's name in SONGLIST.txt has been renamed to match the title listed in Terminator 2 Arcade's diagnostic menu.

The download link for the mod can be found in the Files section of the mod's homepage.

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