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This is to tell you what consoles came out when so you know what to upload where, and just for general intrest (why i put it also on VGAR).

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This list has been taken from a book i have called Video games guide. I dont think every console is in it because i noticed one or two missing, but i have fulled in the blanks where i have found them.

1972 Magnavox Odyssey

1975 Atari Pong (Note there are 100s of diffrent pong rip offs)


1976 Coleco Telstar

1976 Fairchild Video Entertainment System

1976 Radofin Advanced Programmable Video System

1976 RCA Studio II

1977 Atari 2600

1977 Bandai TV Jack 1000

1977 Colour TV Game 6

1977 Telstar Arcade

1978 Bally Astrocade

1978 Magnavox Odyssey 2

1979 Bandai Supervision 8000

1979 Mattell Intellivision

1979 Micro Vision (hand held)

1980 APF Imagination Machine (computer/console)

1980 Nintendo Game & Watch (hand held)

1981 Vtech Creativision (computer/console)

1982 Atari 5200 Super System

1982 Coleco Gemini

1982 Coleco Vision

1982 Emerson Arcadia 2001

1982 GCE Vectrex

1983 Sega SG-1000


1984 Nintendo Entertainment System

1985 Nintendo Famicom Disc System

1986 Atari 7800

1986 Sega Master System

1986 Sharp Twin Famicom


1987 Atari XE Game System (computer/console)

1987 NEC Turbografx-16

1988 Sega Mega Drive

1989 Atari Lynx (hand held)

1989 NEC Supergrafx

1989 Nintendo Game Boy

1989 Super Nintendo

1990 Amstrad GX4000

1990 Commodore 64GS

1990 NEC Turbo Express (hand held)

1990 SNK Neo-Geo

1991 Fujitsu FM Towns Marty

1991 Philips CD-I

1991 Sega Game Gear (hand held)

1991 Sega CD

1991 Sega Mega 2

1992 JVC WonderMega


1993 Atari Jaguar

1993 Commodore Amiga CD32

1993 Panasonic 3DO

1993 Pioneer LaserActive

1994 Banndai Playdia

1994 NEC PC-FX

1994 Sega 32X

1994 Sega Saturn

1994 SNK Neo Geo CD

1994 Sony PlayStation

1995 Nintendo Virtual Boy (hand held)

1995 Sega Nomad (hand held)

1996 Nintendo 64

1997 Tiger (hand held)


1998 Neo Geo Pocket (hand held)

1998 Nintendo Gameboy Color (hand held)

1998 Sega Dreamcast

1999 Bandai WonderSwan (hand held)

1999 Neo Geo Pocket Colour (hand held)

1999 Sony PS0ne (slim line ps1)

2000 Bandai WonderSwan Colour (hand held)

2000 Sony PlayStation 2

2001 Microsoft Xbox

2001 Nintendo Game Boy Advanced (hand held)

2001 Nintendo GameCube

2003 Nokia N-Gage (hand held)

2004 Nintendo DS (hand held)

2004 Nokia N-Gage QD (hand held)

2004 PS2 Slim Line

2004 XaviXPort


2005 GamePark Holdings GP2X (hand held)

2005 Xbox 360

2005 Sony PSP (hand held)

2005 Tiger Gizmondo (hand held)

2006 DS Lite (hand held)

2006 Nintendo Wii

2006 Sony Ps3

Thats not them all there are still some things like the DSI and other console verations like the sega mega drive 3, but you get the picture.


4th, 5th, and 6th Generation gaming was the best, now days all the games on the 7th Generation consoles are over rated.

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when i read some of my old game magazins, they always overrate them. time repeats.

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Well I guess when I say overrated, I mean the game play, I think your old game magazines overrated those games because they where actually good (for there time).

I remember the first wolf 3d, 64 levels it took me 3 years to complete, unlike the new 2009 version which took me no more then 8 hours (spread out over three days) to complete.

I think what I’m trying to say here is that good gaming was yesterday.

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i had alot of fun with stalker, prototype, dead rising, burnout revenge, mgs, and so many more. good gaming is hard to find, but its out there, and thats where vgar comes in to play :)

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Oh yes, there are some good games in 7th Gen, but as what chaosmaster4 sed, a lot of games, these days, aren't really being made with heart.

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OrangeNero true...but still...that happens all the time but i agree with you. for me, every video game is a piece of art. but some just deliver trash. i would rate them even higher than movies.

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owh yeah some developers are jerks who only care about money, I like Bioware and Bethesda alot especialy in the past but they seem more and more about the money nowadays
TES:Morrowind and Star Wars KOTOR I just loved, and I loved KOTOR 2 and TES:Oblivion just asmuch :)

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thats what moddb is for game making with heart

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Metal Gear and Prototype are very known and populair casual games? :P

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AirborneSn1p3r Author

i really like metal gear games they still are made with heart :)

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I love the 5th, 6th and the 7th generations

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I Can't say that i despise any specific generation, as each gen had teheir jewels which remain as the most important milestones in the history of gaming. Course most games in the 7th generation aren't realy being made with heart anymore (But i have to protect GOW, FFXIII and Heavy Rain...)

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I can probably put together a more complete list :P.

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AirborneSn1p3r Author

well i did not wnat to put other consols like the sega mega 3 which came out in the 5th gen, whwn its a 4th gen console things like that would mess up the time line :O

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AirborneSn1p3r Author

hmmm... so many typos, im going to have to get my keyboard fixed :B

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Every single generation had its own games, which worked as catalysator for the gaming industry, I mean, games, which were so good, that many tried to copy them with changed/improved concept, etc. to make a game that is even better than the copied one.
So the progress of developing video games and new consoles/technologies led also foundation for more and more new gaming experiences and every generation hab its good and bad sides.
This will also be with the 8th/9th and so on.

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it is also very interesting how the developers try to improve the older genres like ego shooters, for example in red faction you could destroy your whole environment, which is also a main thing in fracture. and racing games like nfs just repeat themselfs over and over again...

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