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This game's development keeps on going :) even with some delays here and there the project is under development, recently I have switched to Unity 4.6 and I have updated the project files accordingly, so the workflow is going ahead, even if there is still a lot of work to do before having a playable release, but day by day I still keep working on this project that is my core project, and I'm doing my best to make a good game, with (I hope) a beautiful Story and so on.

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The project is under development, more details are added to the main Story, I'm improving the gameplay, the scripting and other details.

I really hope to do a good game, entertaining to play, and with an immersive Story, with some twists to make the plot interesting to follow. I'm working hard on this project in order to make it real, to reach the goals I have mentioned above, then the players will decide if I did a good job with this game project.

Sincerely, Indie970.

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