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A gameplay video of The Madness of Little Emma, a short elaborate on the madness system in the game and a short devlog

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Hello community,
Below you can watch how the game looks at the moment:

There are more enemies, bosses and much more item types to encounter, but.. tough luck.. you can't encounter everything every game.

The Madness Of Little Emma implements a madness system, which allows the player to control the pace of the game to some extent. Basically the more items the player collects, the more wild enemies start to appear - starting from typical denizens of cellars like spiders, through more rabid flies, to evil demonic creatures. Now on every level there is one guaranteed item, which only slightly affects the madness, however, from time to time, Emma can also find hangmen which can be ransacked for an extra item at the cost of a large increase of the madness. More items and higher madness levels result in faster but more skill-demanding games, since you get much more firepower and various demons have more attention-requiring patterns (for instance devils can teleport on top of you if you run too fast, baby heads can fire instantly at you if you stand in one place for too long, enemy bullets fly faster, etc). I still work on a good balance of this area, however more or less it works the way I would want to.

We are very close to releasing a playable demo, it should take around 2-3 weeks - I am still balancing the game and fixing found bugs, while Artur is working on cutscenes for the intro and ending.

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