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Made some footage while mucking around in our development build, finding and crunching down bug's while our sound guy and art guy are busy with their daily lives ( sad face :( )

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Video! Sort of...

Customer Cycle

We as indie game developers and avid IndieDB followers know how important it is to show any and all gameplay for a new project. This news post is dedicated to show some motion already in place for Shop Keep while running around in our developer playground (Keep in mind any and all art, meshes, mechanics, FX are not final, and doe's not represent the final product). Let's try and look at what we have here?


Ordering Mechanic

Here we see our order mechanic, at any given time while in your shop, you can call up and dismiss this order scroll, on the top left you get a list of available items for your given scenario (Item restrictions will be made for specific campaign scenarios and if they are locked while playing in Sandbox mode). It shows the name and cost of an item, while hovering over it, a flavor text for that item will be displayed on the right, as well will be a filter zone developed when we get more items into the database. At the top there is our current gold count and at the bottom we got an order list and order button which starts the order countdown (You as a player will be able to upgrade your delivery time by changing the way you receive deliveries), at the moment the chest just poofs into existence, and gives us all the items we ordered.


Placing mechanic

Now when we got our items we need to display them to sell them. When an item we want to sell is equiped, all the places where we can place them will be displayed immediately, it is not shown, but we have the possibility to take out of display an item, change up it's price, and put it back in again! In this demonstration we used tables to place medium size items such as swords and shields, and shelves/pedestals for small ones like gloves, potions etc.


Selling goods

When items are on display, they will attract customers who roam outside, all customers have their own wishes, amount of gold they got on them, and how much they are ready to pay for any given item, if all of those fit in a specific customer mindset, they will buy an item removing it from display, and then they take them out of the shop, a brief notification pops up to notify what has been sold and for how much (May be toggled off in the options). Some customers got so much gold that when they bought something, they will want to buy something again and will do that right away, you want those customers to visit you frequently!

All this shown and said, we are always reworking our assets and gameplay mechanics, everything can be done better, and we aim to make everything as optimized and as fun as possible. Stay tuned!

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