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Ever wondered how the game looked like in motion and not in shittily compressed gifs? Now there's a video for that!

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Phew, what a month ! I didn’t have time to put my hands on the game this month, so I have no changes to talk about, but I wanted to make a quick post because a few things happened anyways.


Yaay! So, I went to GDC this year, for my day work. The trip was awesome, except for the flight. I got the flu in the plane. That sucked. We met plenty of cool veterans from Ubisoft, I had a chance to say hello to the SwissGames delegation that was present and had time to grab all the swag I could (everybody loves free t-shirts). I also had time to play a game of Lance a Lot with one of their lovely -but tired- dev.

Gameplay video

On to the game now. We’ve put together a small video to reveal a bit of gameplay. Check it out, and let us know what you think!

In it, you see four of us at Digital Kingdom (our fifth member was not present this day). Fun fact: we have a shitton of footage, because at some point we forgot we were recording, and just kept on playing.

This video was very difficult to make. We didn’t want too much text, but we also needed to convey the principles of the game (everyone being invisible and whatnot). It proved to be much harder than we thought, and this video has a lot of issues that we’ve already noted. It is nonetheless a very good starting point, a basis for discussing the way we’ll make the next video.

So don’t worry if you don’t understand what’s going on, it’s a normal feeling. One probably needs to have played the game to “get” it. Does saying that make me a hipster ? I think I'm a hipster now.

What’s next

That 0.21 sprint was definitely empty in terms of code. I’ll get my hands dirty right away and get on new game modes for 0.22.

We are also preparing for a few festivals that are coming up. It seems like “festival season” spans March-November. Does this mean we get to dev only Dec-Feb ?

Anyways, that was all for today, folks. See you next time!


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