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Borja Pastor explains a bit about his job as the Gameplay Programmer at Snowpeak Studio.

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Hello, everybody!
My name is Borja Pastor and I’m the Gameplay Programmer here at Snowpeak Studio.

The first thing I do every morning is review the latest build’s “Buglist”. Then I arrange the new systems that I’ll code that day. My job consists of adding features to the game, like “Double Skill” or “Auto health if out of combat”.
When I start to design a new system I have to think twice before starting to develop it according to the established game infrastructure. I always try to focus on two concepts when I do my job: I try to be organised and spend two hours thinking to just have to program one.

The key for a good code is when you are creating it, to make sure that maintenance will be minimal and when more skills and classes get added you won’t have to recode any of the bigger gameplay systems such as “Cooldown Management” or the attack system.

Here’s an example of one of the Blueprint Classes that we have spent the most time on, the “Player Controller”. This is “you” in the game, through here all mouse and keyboard input is processed.


This is the character’s viewport (Templar’s viewport in this case). This is the character in the world, here is where I establish the composition of each character (collisions, cameras, etc).


Finally, I am going to show you the system that makes our characters alive.


In the next DevBlog’s I will talk in detail about what I have been doing and give you a closer look at how I code Blueprints.

If we manage to achieve our Kickstarter, I see you in the next DevBlog. ;)

We've been extremely busy with QA. Here are some screen shots from our recent QA sessions.


The Relic carrier is currently an Egg awaiting his skin.


Death ragdoll of the Shade.

relic icon color

See you next week!

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