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First ingame multiplayer footage of Dungeons of Tal'Doria. We're killing huge waves of skeletons!

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Hey Tal'Dorians! Today we have a first gameplay preview for you about the stuff we've talked about last week. We had a lot of fun yesterday with killing hundreds of skeletons. :)


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Before you watch the video, I should mention that this is our first playable multiplayer build. Only a few functions was activated for the play testing team. It was important to test the synchronization between server and client, while players and monsters are moving and attacking. Also we've found some bugs. At least five of them are hidden in this video! Maybe you can find them all?

I hope you enjoyed the video! We really would like to read your feedback.

In the next weeks we will activate one system by one and make it work in multiplayer. Systems like spell casting, evading, item dropping and collecting, the whole in-game UI, item equipment, character customization, etc. Unfortunately we will not have another article this year, but we will still post a few images on twitter and work on stuff that we will show you in the New Year.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


Here are our Last Asked Questions for this week.

"Will there be DLCs?"

It's a bit early for that, but at the moment the only DLC that is planned is a soundtrack DLC.

"When there will be an alpha build?"

We will start in the New Year with some focused test builds. We will release a few builds for testing movement, character customization and so on. Also there will be a way to participate in multiplayer test phases. More information is coming next year.

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