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This total conversion will make the out of the movers in UnrealEd. I think there is so much potential in what the movers can do in the wild west Unreal total conversion. I hadn't planned on it but I have made room to add gameplay using such mechanics.

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Stable Structures in the West

In the Unreal Editor, I've been playing around with the mechanics of the movers. Movers in the UnrealEd are geometry brushes that can move from location to another. The artist can apply textures and change the shape to make it look like something.

Not only can I change the movers, it was interesting how these movers can operate which were programmed into them. There's the player bumping into them, which activates them and there's also movers that can be activated and toggled controlled like switches, which is something that I want in my mod. I'm surprised that the UnrealEd has something like this. I may of been lucky to find this function, so it's worth showing off and telling, hence it's news to me. Maybe Epic Games were just confident with their Engine all along and not many people knew.

Stable Structures in the West

I want toggled movers in the total conversion as one of the objectives hence why I've experimented with movers. I've placed elevators in places in the map. I did this to just slow the running and exploring down a bit and to break the pace in the game. There's more of these sections and I do think it breaks the sections up a bit. I think it also expresses the idea of my mod.

In the mine setting has signs telling the player about the status of elevator objects. May their be some steampunk setting for it, maybe, but I haven't planned on it, but it would be nice to decorate the world to make it a bit fantasy like mechanics. I think it's interesting to look at during gameplay. It's looks good, the guys who mined wouldn't have rely on this and I'm sure they were smart not to have this however I think for this mod, it worth putting in, because it expands the world that I want to convey.

Stable Structures in the West

I tried putting these sign outdoors however it's interesting that they didn't fit well. I think as the outside map is more public, it doesn't need such signs to tell the player if the lifts on the lower or upper levels, I think it's like saying how to use an esclator in a public place. It just looks wierd compared to a lift in a building telling you what floors the device is currently at.

Stable Structures in the West

The signs are in English aswell. Not very friendly but I don't know, being set in the Wild West, is having a sign in English makes it feel more western? There's I've left room for a language change, just in case I can change it for other players in different languages. I don't expect players to understand English however I think it's nice if there was such decoration in the levels, which I've included as a video in this post below.

There is alot more I can do which I haven't experimented yet. Apparently you can also set the movers to be shot at, so seeing that's it's a wild west theme, there could be puzzle elements were players can shoot at objects to solve puzzles or interact with the environment, so I'll be looking forward to put this into the game.

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